Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Should We Take The Clintons Seriously?

When Bill Clinton says Barak Obama cannot win the Presidency, does he know something we don't know?

When Hillary Clinton suggests that Obama might be assassinated like Robert Kennedy, does she know something we don't know?

Clinton came from nowhere to win the White House in 1992 because he knew how the system worked. He's now part of the Establishment and closely in touch with all the most important Men In Grey Suits. Have the Big Boys (including Rupert) decided that Obama will never, ever sit in the Oval Office?

If not, the Clintons' relentlessly belligerent behaviour doesn't make much sense. After a ridiculously long and damaging campaign, Obama is set to wrap up the Dems nomination next week.

Hillary's campaign has been a train wreck. She might have had a good shot at the VP spot if she hadn't gone so negative with talk about 3 am phone calls and the like. And what was all that sucking up to McCain about? Or the adverts featuring Bin Laden? She's been playing the fear card and courting the middle ground, while Obama pulls in the angry, disenfranchised left: and there's a lot of them out there this year!

Hillary is toast now, unless Bill's friends can spring a big surprise out of nowhere. And Obama is heading for the White House - whether the Big Boys like it or not. There's only one way to stop him now, and that's a bullet.

For the record, I predicted Obama would win back in early January:
The Gandhi Endorsement counts for ZIP, of course...
UPDATE: Chris Floyd is also covering this thought bubble:
I tend to think that Obama probably won't be assassinated, because he is not really a genuine threat to the elites who command most of the power in our society. He seems, by all appearances and by his past record, to be eager enough to serve their interests...

Then again, one should never underestimate the anxiety of our elites, who tend to regard even the mildest hint at the most cosmetic change as a dire threat to their power and privilege.