Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Good Reasons To Move To New Zealand

If only it was warmer, and the real estate was cheaper...
The New Zealand navy is finding it difficult to sail, the air force to fly and the army would struggle to take part in combat, the 2007/2008 Defence Force annual report reveals.
Seriously, who the *John Howard* is going to attack New Zealand anyway, except that big warmongering country to the west, or their nasty friends on the far side of the Pacific Ocean?

And from a taxpayer's point of view, this bit was interesting:
One of the main challenges was the high attrition rate - more than 15 per cent - and the loss of trained staff due to the civilian demand for trained staff.
In other words, taxpayers pay for these soldja boys to learn their nasty tricks, then they go pro with outfits like Blackwater. Why do we bother, eh?