Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Interlude: Ghosts From The Past

Laurie Garrett, September 22nd, 2001:
It doesn't help that the FBI has warned that intelligence indicates the terrorists were planning another attack upon New York, TODAY. Why today? We are told there is some significance to September 22, and that we must be prepared. Be prepared --- what the hell does that mean?

"There is very little you can do to protect yourselves from bioterrrorism," Jerry Hauer told the faculty of Rockefeller University yesterday. "There is very little you can do to protect yourself if a plane crashes into a building. If it happens, it happens. We have to go on."

Hauer, who created New York's emergency response system --- which performed remarkably well last week --- is now a bioterrorism advisor to Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson. With intelligence pouring in that indicated the terrorist network is allied with Sadaam Hussein's bioweapons laboratory personnel, as well as missing Russian BW scientists, Hauer said they are scrambling in Washington to get ready. (See today's Newsday web site for my article on why we are totally vulnerable to BT and have no solid preparedness policy in place.) As horrific as the deaths of more than 7,000 people in the WTC disaster and two other plane crashes may be, a bioweapon release would be orders of magnitude worse. And we are not ready, in any way, shape or form, for such an eventuality.

Yesterday Hauer spoke in the famous Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome audiorium on the Rokefeller campus. Security was tight. The scientists, an elite group at Rockefeller that includes several Nobel Prize winners, listened carefully to every word Hauer uttered. He told them what most these laboratory men and women already knew, if they'd thought about it: That microbes are the ultimate weapon. And when the question and answer period came every imaginable accent inflected their English. It has always been on of my favorite features of Science --- its intellectual internationalism --- and some of the questions came from scientists who had toiled amid terrorism elsewhere, such as the Middle East or south Asia.

One female scientist, speaking in an accent I believe was Lebanese or Syrian, asked a deeply profound question: Can we remain intact as souls? She wanted to know whether New Yorkers will be permanently psychically altered by these events in harmful ways. The venerable, elderly Nobel Laureate Joshua Lederberg rose carefully from his seat to respond.

"I've shared this fear," Lederberg said. "The horrors of people leaping out of buildings never leave me. Those are obvious. But I've had a much more deep-seeded anxiety and I can't share it exactly. An anxiety that we've been forced to put aside that which made u good people. I remember Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor started a process that ended with Hiroshima. My fear is that we are at the beginning of process now that may take us to something in the end like that. My fear is that we may change ourselves in ways that are not desireable."

Before the lecture Hauer, who I have known for years, confided that he had just been involved that morning in identifying the body of a close friend, John O'Neill, who died in the WTC. Hauer said "body", but from what else he indicated it was obvious O'Neill?s remains were nothing the family ought to view. Hauer hasn't slept in days. He is haggard and jittery. Distraught.

"John O'Neill was head of the FBI's counterterrorism branch in Washington," Hauer told me privately. "He led every important investigation you can name --- the USS Cole, Tanzania, Kenya bombings. He retired three weeks ago. I helped him get the job as head of security for the World Trade Center. And the irony is the guy he chased for most of his career killed him."

When Lederberg spoke of his fears for the future Hauer thought of O'Neill. And he told the audience a tory O'Neill had recently relayed to him, regarding the capture of a member of Bin Ladin's network two years ago. O'Neill and his prisoner were in a plane, flying in from overseas, "and he flew over the World Trade Center in a helicopter with this guy," Hauer said. "And the guy said to O'Neill, If I had more money I would have brought that building down."
On that same day, 22.9.01, Laurie Garret published a Newday article title "U.S. Ill-Prepared For Bioterrorism". According to Wikipedia, Garrett is currently the Senior Fellow of the Global Health Program at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

CFR members include the Pentagon's top advisers, Richard Perle, Henry Kissinger, Paul Wolfowitz, ex-CIA chief James Woolsey, biosciences specialist Joshua Lederberg, and many other fine people. Again from Wikipedia:
The Council has been the subject of many controversies, partly due to the number of high-ranking government officials in its membership, its secrecy clauses, and the large number of aspects of American foreign policy that its members have been involved with, beginning with Wilson's Fourteen Points. The John Birch Society believes that the CFR plans a one-world government.[32] Wilson's Fourteen Points speech was the first in which he suggested a worldwide security organization to prevent future world wars.[33]
For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as "internationalists" and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.
—David Rockefeller, "Memoirs" autobiography (2002, Random House publishers), page 405
This is from
O'Neill's body was supposedly recovered in the debris of the World Trade Center. It was said by at least 1 source that it was recovered by non other than Jerome Hauer.

As head of Counter-terror, O'neill would have known more about Osama Bin Laden than anyone alive at the time. Leading some to say his death was not an accident.

If anyone would have known if Bin Laden was really behind 9/11, it would have been O'Neill.
O'Neill replaced Marvin Bush's Securacom as head of security for the WTC days before the 9/11 attacks.
Yeah, the company which handled security at the WTC until shortly before 9-11 just happened to have Bush family connections:
According to two articles in the Progressive Populist written by Margie Burns, from 1993 to 2000, [Marvin] Bush served on the board of Securacom (since renamed Stratesec). The chairman of the board of Stratesec is Wirt D. Walker III, a cousin of Marvin and George W. Bush. Securacom had contracts to provide security for Dulles International Airport (the airport from which American Airlines Flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon, originated) and the World Trade Center in New York.

Securacom's backers include a number of Kuwaitis through a company called KuwAm Corp (Kuwaiti-American Corp.). Stratesec also has Saudi investors.

Walker also serves as a managing director of KuwAm, which maintains offices within the Watergate complex along with Riggs Bank, on whose board Bush's uncle, Jonathan Bush, sits. Saudi Princess Haifa al Faisal, the wife of Saudi Ambassador to the US Prince Bandar, used a Riggs account to funnel money to Omar al Bayoumi and Osama Basnan, two Saudi students in California associated with two of the911 hijackers.
But wait, there's more:
Marvin Bush has not responded to repeated telephoned and emailed requests for comment on this story.

The American Stock Exchange delisted Stratesec's stock in October 2002. Securacom also had a contract to provide security at Los Alamos National Laboratories, notorious for its security breaches and physical and intellectual property thefts.

According to its present CEO, Barry McDaniel, the company had an ongoing contract to handle security at the World Trade Center "up to the day the buildings fell down." Yet instead of being investigated, the company and companies involved with it have benefited from legislation pushed by the Bush White House and rubber-stamped by Congressional Republicans.
Yep, Marvin Bush's company was handling security for Los Alamos National Laboratories, which had a long series of lax security issues, including one major incident on October 26th, 2001, involving anthrax. Two Los Alamos directors resigned in January 2003 after investigations into security breaches and missing equipment.