Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Explaining Palin?

Dilbert creator Scott Adams on the choice of Palin as VP:
Since selecting Palin, the discussion in the media and in kitchens across America has shifted from "Can you be too old to be President?" to "Can you be too young and inexperienced?" McCain has cleverly put his critics in the position of arguing that experience is a good thing. And McCain has more of it than Obama. If you believe that people only vote for presidents, not vice presidents, this was a clever move.

The Democrats' other big argument against McCain was that he's a phony maverick who won't really change anything. It's hard to make that case while at the same time criticizing him for making such a surprising pick for Vice President. You can argue with Palin's credentials, but you can no longer argue with McCain's willingness to buck conventional wisdom. That book is closed.

On the more obvious side of things, picking a young woman insulates McCain from being the charter member of the Old Boy's Club. It's politically correct to say voters are smart. But clearly there are millions of exceptions.
The corporate media is now coming out in full force to defend Palin from accusations on multiple fronts. Will it work? Probably. Because in Bush's USA it really doesn't matter if it's true or not, as long as you make enough noise.

The Clinton campaign spin-meisters used to talk about "wagging the dog". In McCain-Palin's case, it's all tail and no dog. But who cares as long as it's wagging, right?

And ... ummm.... Why am I being swept up in all this stupid election nonsense anyway?

I guess I just cannot stand the bullshit. And it's pouring out of every media orifice right now.