Friday, September 5, 2008

WTF??? Obama Sells Out His Base

First it was FISA, now this:
Sept. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Barack Obama said the surge of American forces in Iraq has ``succeeded beyond our wildest dreams,'' though Iraqis still haven't done enough to take responsibility for their country.

``The surge has succeeded in ways that nobody anticipated,'' Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee, said in a recorded interview broadcast tonight on Fox News's ``The O'Reilly Factor'' program.
I had some hope that Obama might be more than he seemed, perhaps ready to take on the establishment that he has so assidusously courted all these years. But this is not just appalling, it's also stupid.

I mean, here he is playing the GOP's game, giving away his prized antiwar credentials, and ridiculously signing up to the absurd fantasy that Bush's "surge" was some kind of military stroke of genius - and for what?

And he's doing this not just on FOX NEWS but on the freakin' BILL O'REILLY SHOW! Are you kidding?

Has somebody spiked his drinking water? Are they holding a gun to his daughter's head? Or is his campaign getting tactical advice from Doug Feith?

Sadly, this move is just the latest, most obvious sign that Obama is already preparing to take over the role of US warmonger-in-chief. But even politically, it doesn't even make sense. It's just totally stupid in every way.

A terrible pity, when so much is at stake. Sigh. Is it time to vote Green yet?

A recent Vanity Fair article about Murdoch revealed that Obama had lunch with Murdoch and Roger Ailes, the head of FOX. Obama slammed Ailes, who replied "What are we supposed to do when you keep ignoring us?" Was this part of the deal they cut? It sure looks that way.

Stupid stupid stupid.