Monday, June 30, 2008

The Corporatocracy Has Taken Over Teh Olympics

Why I Wont Have The Slightest Interest In Teh Olympics:
A little-known Yale School of Management program for company chieftains offers four days of business mixed with pleasure from Aug. 9 for $32,395 a couple. The package includes speakers such as Stephen A. Schwartzman, Hank Greenberg, Peter V. Ueberroth and possibly the Chinese foreign minister, Yang Jiechi. The pleasure part: "Category A" tickets (that apparently means they’re good seats) to Olympics events, with the use of cars approved to travel in Olympics-access lanes...
Etc etc.

As if the drugs in sport issue was not bad enough already. China should never have been awarded these Games, and we should all turn off our TVs in protest.