Sunday, June 22, 2008

Support Winter Patriot

Winter Patriot gets a weird email from Jerome Hauer:
Jerome Hauer, whom I have described as a 9/11 suspect awaiting indictment, sent me email last night. He says he enjoys reading my "nonsense" and that his friends send him my writing as "a source of great laughter."
Now why is such a man, who comes from a long line of Zionists, who is now the director of the US Office of Public Health Preparedness, who was also director of Office of Emergency Management under New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, which had its offices in the World Trade Center, but which was having a FEMA drill on 9-11 so the office was empty, why is such a man leaning on my friend WP? Has it got anything to do with West Nile virus and Anthrax?

PS: WP has also shut down his comments section and closed down his latest blog. Nothing to worry about, he assures me. Just not giving the bad guys opportunities to cause trouble.