Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hot Air On Planet Rupert

Part-time Champion Of Middle East Peace Tony Blair emerges as a Climate Change Hero, conveniently forgetting (again) that he has been a major part of this disaster (too) for the past decade. But who cares about credibility when Teh Planet is in danger!
Here the high price of oil and continuing concerns over how supply will meet demand in the future helps.
Thanks, Tony! So that's why you invaded Iraq - pushing up the oil price to help fight climate change! What a visionary leader!

Meanwhile, Greg Sheridan sucks up to the head of the World Bank. When it comes to brown-nosing big fat arses like Robert Zoellick, Sheridan benefits greatly from having had his head so far up his own arse for so many years:
Long and lean, he is the ultimate global insider... Robert Zoellick - notoriously one of the brainiest people in Washington... you could imagine him as secretary for virtually anything in a McCain administration. He is part of the permanent global governing class.
Is that enough to make you vomit? Or laugh out loud? OK, then, what about the next para:
A workaholic and a long-time friend of Australia, and of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Zoellick embodies the traditional core Republican value of competence in government.

Zoellick doesn't want to admit that insane GOP policies, fully endorsed by him and his Big Money friends, have lead directly to the current global food and oil crisis. He is still pushing poor countries to drop export bans on agriculture, despite the obvious risk of famine this entails. But of course, he too is part of the Global Elite Climate Change Hero (TM) team, with an important warning for the world's poor:
"Combating greenhouse gases could become an excuse for protectionism."
Just sign on the bottom line and nobody gets hurt, m'kay? Sheridan concludes:
These matters are dizzy in their complexity, and this writer remains sceptical... But the world is fortunate there is a small category of Zoellick types at the top of these global governance institutions trying to put the pieces together...
Yeah, right. We are so damn lucky to have the same people who created these problems now in charge of finding the solutions. We are so damn lucky that they all still refuse to acknowledge their errors. And we are so damn lucky that we have sniveling toads like Sheridan still reporting the mess:
The World Bank has had its problems in recent years... But it has the great advantage of already existing.
Yep, just like the "permanent global governing class", including Uncle Rupert and all his friends. Where would we be without 'em, hey?