Sunday, June 22, 2008

Of Course The %$*& System Is Broken

Crikey's Canberra correspondent Bernard Keane says Australia's political system is broke. The story focuses heavily on the media's role:
Management of the media cycle replaced proactive policy initiatives...

And the size and structure of Australia’s media doesn’t help. We have the disadvantages of oligopolies with none of the advantages. We’re too small to support a diverse media...
I guess that's Crikey! speaking from experience, though some might question the profit-oriented Crikey! practices which lead them to such a conclusion. And just what are the unspoken "advantages" of oligopolies (markets with few sellers) anyway? Maybe we'd find out if Stephen Mayne was part of the oligopoly?

Meanwhile, Kim at LP blogs about those evil News Ltd bloggers! Yeah, LP is suddenly big on bagging Murdoch. Strangely, my own comments remain in moderation [UPDATE: Still being deleted, actually].

If the Austalian political system is %&*$ed, so too is the Australian blogosphere's capacity to effectively mobilise against it. Gosh, I wonder why?