Sunday, June 15, 2008

Movers And Shakers

Ross Gittins predicts a protracted recession in Australia. That's why they pay him the big bucks, you know.

Meanwhile a NYT story becomes the trigger for dismissal of Yahoo's CEO, who dared to defy Microsoft. Wapo puts in another bullet.
From what we hear from multiple sources close to Yahoo, this article may be the final straw - whether the board backs Yang or not, this is just too much negative press for the company to overcome. A fresh start is now a necessity for moving forward.

Yang will step down, our sources say. It may be next week or it may be next month, but it's going to happen.
Elsewhere, somebody finally calls bullshit on the Tim Russert was a patriot and a hero nonsense:
Even leaving aside the sharp contradiction between "free flow of information" and the Russert standard of "everything is presumed to be off the record," what sacrifice has Russert made? It's estimated that his annual salary was $5 million plus.