Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Spreading The Blame

Feel sorry for me, pleads Douglas Feith:
“You wind up having the first, second and third drafts of history shaped by the first set of leaks. You can imagine, from my point of view, that is grim to see.”
BWWAAAH!!! It was all Rummy's fault!
Rumsfeld so hated leaks and leakers, Feith says, that the Pentagon team allowed themselves to be Swiftboated by the forces under Secretary of State Colin L. Powell and CIA Director George Tenet.

“It caused enormous damage to me personally,” Feith said. “I wasn’t in a position to contradict false and damaging things said about me.”
Yes but now you are, you dickwad, and you still cannot deliver a credible version of history. Instead you are just blaming everybody else involved:
“What I find interesting is that they chose to not take on the strategic questions in the Situation Room when they had a chance,” says Feith. “If Powell or Tenet, or somebody like that, wanted more meetings, more debates, they could have had them.”

Instead, State and CIA sulked and pouted and refused to collaborate, effectively sabotaging post-war planning, Feith says.
Look who's sulking and pouting now, baby.