Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's The Idealism, Stupid

Obama's nomination victory had me going back to my old BushOut blog looking for some posts. I wrote this in May 2004:
People who support Bush in Iraq need to get out of their Cold War mindset and begin to envision a better world, based on dignity, equality and truth, where all the citizens of this planet - not just the elite Westerners - can enjoy peace and hope for prosperity. This is the only way we will defeat terrorism.

Yes, I know that is idealistic, but what is the anti-thesis of terrorism, if not idealism?
This is from October 2004:
We Need Some Idealism, Folks

Remember the 60's? We need some of that idealism back in our lives today...
January 2005:
It's trendy to scoff at idealism as tantamount to utopianism and therefore unrealistic, but this world needs a very heavy dose of idealism these days.
May 2005:
One thing we anti-war / anti-Bush protesters can do is keep a clear message. That means sticking to our principles. There is a widespread assumption that idealism died out with the 60's and is not only unhelpful, but actually counter-productive. I don't believe that. I think what the world needs now is a whole heap of idealism. As in ideals. As in values.
Jul 2005:
The one things that characterized the 60's - before all the dope and commercialism took over - was idealism. Dylan, Young and others from the 60's helped wreak massive changes that transformed societies around the world. Wherever they may be at these days, they once helped stop the Vietnam War and even brought down a president (remember Young's line: "Even Richard Nixon has got soul"?). Big respect, man!

One can only imagine how they might feel today, seeing the world in the grip of another criminal US president, whose administration is a hundred times worse than Watergate. But that's no reason not to keep pursuing the truth, saying it like it is, and pushing and pushing - in whatever small ways we can - for a better tomorrow.

So my message today is what? Stay idealistic. If you believe that you can change the world, you are well on your way to doing so.
April 2006 (first time I quit blogging):
We must resist the corporation-dominated vision of globalized Fascism which drives the global agenda today, but we also need to imagine, create and spread a positive, alternative vision of global harmony, equality and peace. Indeed, the struggle to resist the negative global vision of today could ultimately become the unifying experience for all the world's citizens to build a better world tomorrow. Such idealism is not mis-placed in today's world.
October 2006:
So many people are eager to step up and bash the UN! But what is their alternative? Either global control by a militant US Empire, or... nothing.

We NEED some real alternatives. We need some idealism and imagination applied to how our world should look in a post-Cold War environment.
January 2007:
Sometimes you just have to wonder whether the stupid, evil, greedy, arrogant, heartless bastards in the White House haven't over-exposed themselves.

All this corporatized globalization was working so very well for them and their Carlyle Group buddies. Why did they have to get greedy and go after Iraq's oil?

Now they have exposed not only their own criminal wrong-doings, but also the whole convoluted web of deceit surrounding Big Oil, Big Media, Big Pharma, et al. Even the IMF and the World Bank have been exposed as Big Business' economic hit men.

As the myth shatters, an opportunity presents itself. Like Terry Jones says, all the money wasted in Iraq could have been put to much better use. But are we, the people, prepared to put our own greed aside and work towards a better, fairer system for everyone?

One world. One love. It's time for a little idealism. Let the people's voices be heard!
You get the idea. I'm not saying that Obama is the antidote to all the world's problems, not by a very long way. But he is riding this wave of idealism, which is long overdue.

FWIW, I predicted an Obama victory back in January, for this very reason.