Monday, June 30, 2008

US Media Set To Turn On Bush?

We saw it happen in Australia in the lead-up to the last election: scenting blood, the media hounds began circling John Howard's carcass. In the aftermath of his election defeat, a bloodied and bowed former PM limped off to the US lecture circuit, while the media back home came to terms with just what a criminal disaster his 11 year administration had been (generally ignoring their own complicit role, of course).

This L.A. Times story could be just a taste of things to come in Teh USA: How does President Bush lie?
George W. Bush knowingly lied to the American people in selling his case for a war that has directly led to the deaths of more than 4,000 Americans. They are deaths brought about by his lies, deceit and deception. It is an American atrocity of monumental proportion, followed closely by the heinous fact that no one has held him accountable. Where is the outrage?
PS: Don't worry, George. Just keep your head down for a few months after January, and everybody will soon forget about you.