Saturday, July 12, 2008

At Least It Might Be An Educational Process


This is good. The ICC have threatened to arrest the President of Sudan. The reaction will be educational for many observers:
Sudan formally asked the Arab League on Saturday to hold an emergency meeting of foreign ministers after reports the International Criminal Court's (ICC) prosecutor may seek the arrest of Sudan's president. A senior European diplomat said on Friday the ICC's prosecutor would likely seek President Omar Hassan al-Bashir's arrest in a new Darfur war crimes case he will open on Monday.

Sudan has said any such move could undermine the Darfur peace process. Two senior government officials told Reuters Sudan would likely seek Chinese, Russian and African support at the United Nations to help block any warrant for Bashir.
China and Russia are the countries who just vetoed UN action against Mugabe, remember. But Western howls of outrage about that just don't have the impact they used to, now that we embrace torture, illegal pre-emptive war and wholesale police state activities of our own.

It's great to see the ICC flexing their muscles. Let the whole world see what's holding them back: not just China and Russia, but the elite hypocrite leaders of the West as well.

REACTION 1: The African Union says such a move could jeopardise peace efforts in the region. No seriously...

And this should make things a bit more interesting: the BBC has just found proof that China is defying a UN arms embargo to supply trucks and weapons to the Sudanese government.

How about we make a deal with China - we'll hand over our war criminals to the ICC and take action against the AWB scandal leaders if they back the UN on Sudan and Mozambique?