Monday, July 21, 2008

Goodbye, Tehran?

I almost feel guilty for bothering Justin Raimondo yesterday.

Today, Raimondo latches onto a critically important "rationale for mass murder". WP, you know what I am talking about here - blatantly obvious broadcasting of intent to kill:
In what has to be the most widely circulated blackmail note ever written, Morris announces, "It is in the interest of neither Iran nor the United States (nor, for that matter, the rest of the world) that Iran be savaged by a nuclear strike" – so take out the Iranians, or we will. To be fair, he also says it won't be a good thing if "both Israel and Iran suffer such a fate," but since Iran has no nuclear weapons and has given up all attempts to make them, this is just window-dressing for a genocidal agenda.
Here's what troubles me.

Israel has no skin in the game of rising oil prices, right? I mean, high oil prices benefit Israel's oil-producing neighbours, right? So how can that be good for Israel?

Or do Israeli-friendly interests have so much invested in oil companies that it's still considered in their interests to push the threat of war with Iran?

I don't understand this. The Bush-Cheney US cabal might push the threat of war as a means of pushing up oil prices, in which they and their gang members own stock, but for the Israeli people it's surely a no-brainer. Right?

What if Israel really does control the US government? What if Israel just thinks it does?

In either case, here's Raimondo's conclusion:
We must forget our national interests and go to war for Israel's sake, or else the Israelis will unleash their illegal and unaccounted-for nukes, killing tens of thousands, poisoning the atmosphere, and forever scarring human history with the mark of their heinous crime. This is like one of those hostage dramas in which a mad gunman grabs someone and uses them as a human shield, braying his demands to horrified onlookers.

Americans must reject this attempt at moral blackmail with the contempt it deserves – and perhaps begin to reexamine the "special relationship" that enables Israel to even contemplate such crimes against humanity. As for Morris, he should be shunned by every decent human being, although perhaps that description doesn't apply to the editors of the New York Times.