Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Freedom Isn't Free"

I hate it when people like Bush say that sort of nonsense, but here's an example where I think it applies.

An appeal for donations from Tom at INFORMATION CLEARING HOUSE got a predictable response:
"Of the almost 65,000 people who receive our newsletter and the many thousands who visit this website each day, 109 readers responded to our monthly appeal for financial support."
Of course, 109 is a lot better than the $0.00 response I got(*) when I tried to turn this into a paying full-time gig. But I noticed that also had an unusually hard time raising funds last time around. Is this a sign of the times, or will things pick up as we get closer to November's US election?

I really don't understand how people like Obama and Hillary can raise millions overnight, and people spent a fortune on newspapers every day, but so few people are willing to give cash to those who tell the world the cold, hard truth.

Yeah, I know that we antiwar types tend to be dirty fucking hippies with empty pockets, and if we had any brains we'd be chasing the big bucks instead of sitting and whingeing on our backsides, but still...

(* not forgetting a kind offer of $20 from Bukko, which I declined).