Thursday, July 17, 2008

Peter Lloyd Arrested In Singapore

It looks like the Singapore government might be tryng to test Kevin Rudd's commitment to "Asian values" (translation: lack of commitment on human rights). ABC News reporter Peter Lloyd has just been arrested:
Singapore police say Lloyd was arrested for possessing a small quantity of the drug 'ice', one improvised smoking pipe, and six syringes.

Police say his urine tested positive for amphetamines and he is being investigated for trafficking a controlled drug.

If convicted, Lloyd faces imprisonment of between five and 20 years and between five and 15 strokes of the cane.
Perhaps it's just a coincidence that Lloyd has been an outspoken critic of the Singapore government. For example, here's one report on the appalling treatment of Singapore's 150,000 foreign maids (who are not legally allowed to get pregnant) and another report examining how Singapore's government-owned companies like Singtel and Singapore Airways lobby Canberra to buy companies like Optus and Air New Zealand.

This could be interesting.

UPDATE: The Rudd government's initial response is underwhelming.