Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fish Kills Man

How's this for crap journalism. The headline is 'I got a bite' - fisherman's last words but it turns out that's not quite true:
Coroner Carey said on the third occasion, after starting to drift, the angler suddenly moved sideways after telling his friend "I got a bite again".

The dinghy capsized and although the men managed to right the boat, a combination of wind and swell caused it to again overturn.

Mr Carey said the fisherman swum away from the boat saying something about a fishing rod just before disappearing under water.
The story of the "ill-fated boat" also emphasizes the beer-drinking angle, although the victim's blood alcohol level was only 0.10%, which might be double the legal limit for driving but is not unusually high for a fisherman (in my experience).