Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Invisible Enemy Is Always There (And Can Never Be Defeated)

And you thought YOU were the crazy Conspiracy Theorist! What to make of these addle-brained war "experts" in media, politics and the military? Today Rupert's Paul Kelly backs up retired Major General Jim Molan's assessment of the modern Australian "defence" forces:
Molan argues that Australia’s political and military mindset has a view of the ADF “skewed too far towards humanitarian operations, peacekeeping and peacemaking, and away from war-fighting”...

In his book, Molan says: “Iraq confirmed my long-held belief that even a small country such as Australia needs to be up to world standard in the fighting part of operations. Every soldier’s bone in my body tells me that modern counterinsurgency operations in what may be a long war will require the ADF, not just our special forces, to fight jointly as well as do all the other clever things that are necessary in a three-block war."
Yes, folks, it is imperative that our troops go and put their lives on the line in places like Falluja - not necessarily to help win that war, but just so that they can get some practice at this kind of urban warfare. Kelly/Molan says "the enemy knows Western technological advantage is weakened in urban warfare" and "it is Australia’s enemies that will have a major say in dictating our future military engagements, not Canberra’s strategic experts."

Who are these "enemies"? It doesn't matter! There will ALWAYS be enemies to fight, otherwise... err... we, umm.... well, wouldn't need to spend billions of dollars on the military, would we?
"We delude ourselves to think Australia can just decide how and when to fight."
So we can decide who comes into our country, when and how, but not when our own soldiers go abroad to kill? Oh come on! As if we Aussies had no choice but to invade Iraq, and Afghanistan!

Thank goodness there are still decent ordinary folk like Marilyn out there, speaking up in the comments:
Bleat and babble. We don’t have any enemies and if we stopped and said no to Britain and the US we would never have any enemies.

I prefer the humanitarian stuff, less people are murdered.
I wonder if Marjorie realises this "bleat and babble" is actually part of a concerted effort to ensure that Rudd's upcoming Defence White Paper gives lots and lots of taxpayer money to a certain "class" of people?