Sunday, July 20, 2008

Libs Cling To Burning Deathstar Debris

After Johnny's emotional plea last week, it was interesting that the Libs chose Howard's boy (who helped build WorkChoices) for the seat of Mayo. It shows Howard still has influence, even if that's mostly due to the power and policy vacuums elsewhere in the party. Now, with Vaile following Downer out the door over the weekend, the pressure is on Costello to go.

Let's hope the Libs ensure their political demise by sticking with Johnny until the grave. Death to all the heretics like Costello, whose lack of focus allowed Kevin Skywalker to use Teh Farce against us! All who have ever criticized Howard must be jettisoned! We shall rebuild the Deathstar as a pantheon to Howard's memory! Grab all the floating debris you can find, my friends!