Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let's Have A Caption Competition!

This photo of two sad old has-beens is just begging for a bit of editorial input!

Howard and Costello were at the funeral of former Victorian premier Lindsay Thompson. And they had lots of party invites to hand around:
In the great tradition of political egotism, there is growing tension between the pair over who will stage the grander farewell in Canberra in coming weeks.

Mr Costello has invited hundreds of Liberal Party supporters to a swanky $150-a-head fundraiser in Canberra on August 29. Mr Howard, meanwhile, is planning a blockbuster farewell in Parliament's Great Hall on September 3.

It is not yet known whether either man will be on the other's guest list.
Howard's victory lap of the world must be just about over. Tickets to last night's post-funeral bash in Tassie were a miserly $120 a head. And what's Johnny planning for this "blockbuster farewell"? Will Dubya be jumping out of a cake, or Osama even?

Anyway, here's my effort: