Monday, July 21, 2008

Nelson Threatens To Kill Costello (And Other News)

Well, that's one way to read Nelson 's talk of a Costello handover:
"I can assure you he'll be on to the frontbench with a bullet."
Time to round up the wagons, Malcolm.

Meanwhile, some good news from the Rudd team:
Federal cabinet has backed the abolition of the "conclusive certificates" which give ministers the power to block access to documents requested under FoI legislation.

Decisions on whether to release the documents would fall solely to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, which could no longer have its rulings overturned by government ministers keen to keep documents private, Senator Faulkner said.
I wonder if that article by Richard Ackland had anything to do with this?

And I wonder if any reporters at today's Inside Kevin 07 book launch asked Mr Rudd about his plans for Australian troops in Iraq if the USA withdraws by 2010, as Obama is promising and the Iraqis are demanding?