Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wong Is Wrong

The more I look into the details of this new carbon trading scheme the less I like it.
# It wont start for at least two years, maybe more.

# Doesn't even cover 25 per cent of Australia's emissions.

# Only businesses that emit more than 25,000 tonnes of carbon a year will be required to buy permits and monitor and report their emissions.

# Big polluters like the aluminium and cement industries get free permits to pollute.

# Fuel excise reductions to minimize voter backlash.

# Agriculture and deforestation not included.
Even Penny Wong doesn't sound too happy with it:
Climate Change Minister Penny Wong made reference to the gentleness of the scheme, saying it was not possible for Australia to lead the world on climate change.

"After so many years of inaction, it is impossible for Australia to be in front of the world in tackling climate change," Senator Wong said on Wednesday as the options paper was unveiled.

"A greater risk is being left behind a world of emerging economic opportunities."

She stressed the importance of protecting the economy and the national interest.
Ah, there's that old chestnut again: "the national interest"! What does it mean? Don't ask!

I cannot see any response from the Greens yet, but I don't think it is going to be pretty. Maybe Wong and Rudd were just giving themselves room to bargain passage through the Senate? Bob Brown will never let this nonsense pass. OTOH I can easily see the Coalition embracing it.

A pity. Our children and grandchildren deserve more.