Thursday, July 10, 2008

War Is Over (If You Want It)

Oh my!
Almost half of UK military personnel are ready to leave the forces, a Ministry of Defence survey suggests.

Some 47% of Army and Royal Navy respondents and 44% of those in the RAF said they regularly felt like quitting. Among the concerns raised by the 9,000 servicemen and women surveyed were the frequency of tours, levels of pay and the quality of equipment and housing...

Questioned about morale within their service as a whole, 59% of the Army rated levels as "low" or "very low".

In the Royal Navy that was 64%, and the Royal Marines 38%.

Within the RAF, 72% said morale across the service was low.
BUT BUT BUT!!! What about Teh Glorious War? What About Teh Victory over Teh Terrrsts????

If only they realised that things in private enterprise these days are just as shitty, they might buck up a bit!