Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Arthur Chrenkoff Is Still Linked To Senator Brett Mason

I've long been wondering what happened to Arthur Chrenkoff, the war-mongers' favourite online propagandist. In fact, I made it a New Years Resolution to track the bastard down. And now I know.

Check out Arthur Chrenkoff's profile at LinkedIn. It seems that the new job where "I will not be allowed to blog" was a role as an "advisor" to Peter Dutton MP, John Howard's Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer, from September 2005 (when Chrenkoff quit blogging) until December 2007 (just after the election debacle).

Now Chrenkoff is back working with QLD Liberal Senator Brett Mason - he's just moved from being an "Electorate Officer" to a "Political/Policy Adviser". I wonder why he hasn't started blogging again about all the good news from Irag and Aghanistan? After all, his previous role with Senator Mason "allowed me flexibility to write outside of" his proscribed job role.

I wonder what sort of taxpayer salary Chrenkoff enjoys these days? Does he get to go on the study tours?
"To stand in the temple of Athena and cast your eye over across the vista to the sea one relives a view saturated with both history and mythology".
Does he help write shit like that? And I wonder what sort of policy advice a git like Chrenkoff can offer the (ahem!) Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Education? Keep your head down, follow 0.07%'s lead, and just carp on relentlessly?

PS: The career as a budding novelist didn't exactly take off - Night Trains is being remaindered at Amazon for just $1.21.