Friday, July 4, 2008

The First Anthrax Suspect

The first suspect in the anthrax case was not the person who was fingered in a mysteriously anonymous letter to police BEFORE the case had even gone public, but the person who sent that letter. Justin Raimondo has the details.
Just before the anthrax letters became public knowledge but after they'd been mailed, military police headquarters at Quantico, Virginia, received a letter that accused an Arab scientist who once worked at the USAMRID facility, a biowarfare lab at Ft. Detrick, of being a terrorist about to unleash biological warfare against civilian targets in the U.S.

The author of this anonymous missive claimed to have been one of the scientist's former co-workers, and appeared to have a detailed knowledge of Assaad's career and daily routine. When the anthrax letters were opened, the FBI paid a visit to Dr. Ayaad Assaad, a former Ft. Detrick employee, and questioned him extensively.

The FBI cleared Assaad of any connection to the anthrax letters early on, but then seemed to have let this significant clue grow quite cold, failing to follow up on it until the winter of 2004, when they launched an investigation into the Quantico letter. It seems clear that whoever sent that letter had at least foreknowledge of the anthrax attacks, and discovering the writers' identity could certainly lead us to the source of the attacks. Yet for years the FBI did nothing...
Let's put two and two together here (after you've read the link of course).

Let's suppose that those who allowed 9-11 to happen were pro-Zionists, and let's further suppose that they further concocted the anthrax scare to help cover up the embarrassing details emerging in the weeks after the WTC attacks. Let's suppose they had some connection to the "Camel Club", who could supply them with anthrax. Wouldn't such people have a strong motivation to "finger all Arab-Americans, and Muslims, as potential terrorists"? Wouldn't they strongly want to promote that anti-Muslim narrative to the traumatised US national psyche?

And if so, didn't they do a swell hum-dinger of a job?

I mean, just supposing, of course... !

UPDATE: More here.