Friday, July 4, 2008

Where's The Outrage, Australia?

I just spent an hour trawling through the wikipedia sites for Rupert Murdoch, The Australian newspaper, and associated historical phenomenon like Don Dunstan and Thomas Playford the Fourth.

There is some interesting stuff out there, particularly regarding Rupert. Did u know Rupert supported Whitlam, for example? Or that he was was made a Grand-Officer in the Order of St. Gregory the Great by Pope John Paul II?

But there is also a whole lot of stuff that is NOT out there. I might dedicate a few years of my life to updating the entries, or maybe I should spend some time trawling through wikileaks to see if anyone at News Ltd has been actively deleting content first? I mean, he did delete a lot of stuff about his new wife Wendi Deng. Sorry, I mean one of his compliant lapdogs did it for him.

It's odd, considering how much outrage against Murdoch and the Australian has been exhibited by Aussie bloggers. But it just goes to show how the anti-right bloggers in Australia totally lack cohesion, in either an idealogical or organisational sense.

We bitch, we moan, we hit "PUBLISH".

Sic transit gloria mundi.